Ravi Cherukuri

Ravi Cherukuri, with an MBA (AU), MSA (CMU) and ASP (MIT) founded Arohi Media in 2014 and acquired his first AM station in RTP area in NC started a 24/7/365 Bollywood News, Talk and Music format targeting listeners from South Asian community.   Few years later realized the radio technology changes and launched the first HD channel in RTP area in NC and later  expanded his network to Dallas Fort Worth, TX, Baltimore/Washington DC, Philadelphia, PA with a strategic plan to expand the network to 20 more cities huge coverage area.

WDUR 1490AM/W270DT 101.9FM/WCMC-FM HD4 in Raleigh-Durham, NCWPHI-FM HD2 in Philadelphia, PAWERQ-FM HD2 in Baltimore/Washington DC

Currently HD Radios are factory installed  in 254 models: https://hdradio.com/get-a-radio/new-car.  These radio’s provides dts technology with 5.1 surround sound music to the listeners through Car Radios, Alexa, Google Home and from our website.