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The Drive-in at Carraway village, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The drive-in single screen theatre with vivid and vibrant lights in its ambience is a perfect weekend getaway destination for the photophilic and the aesthetes. During the COVID-19 pandemic when more than half a planet were confined indoors, what can we learn about who we are? That we are a hopeful, optimistic, persistent species who have the audacity to keep going and try every possible way to normalize surroundings in this catastrophe.
The drive-in theatre based at Chapel Hill, NC is a consummate example that was founded in October, 2020 concerning and following strict protocols, but still rendering a chance to people who desire to spend quality movie time with friends & family sitting safely in their cars appreciating art and cinema.
The theatre is a result of collaboration between Northwood Ravin, an apartment management company and the facilitators of Film festival in North Carolina.
Now that you’ve got a fair idea about the site and what all it’s about, let’s move onto the essential information to help you plan your movie getaway.

When we think of watching a movie, the first thing that comes in our mind is a ticket, of course! and food too how can I even forget to mention that.
You have to pre-book the theatre tickets at www.carrawayvillagedrivein.com.
Outside food items are prohibited, but you can gratify your hunger feast at the local food trucks serving delicious and hygienic food.
The maximum car capacity is 140 and the show timings can change following the current HealthCare guidelines.
Before heading, we would recommend you to visit their website www.livecarrawayvillage.com or dial them at +1 919-670-5375.

As Nyra always says, please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Follow the protocols and enjoy your time. Your safety is our priority!
Stay safe and content.

If Nyra’s travel guide has helped you plan your getaway. Please don’t forget to share your pictures and experience with us so that we can notice, feature and show some love to you all.

Thank you for reading! Have a great time.

Nyra Family.

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